My experience in the field of imagery and video began way back in 1992, when I created the Studio “Arte Video” based in Siena (Tuscany). After 11 years, my business was incorporated into Laschi Office Works, a company specializing in information technology services and solutions for businesses. We are the dealership for Canon office machines and products in Siena and the Siena province. For wedding ceremonies, we decide together with the bride and groom all the various stages of filming and video editing so that they themselves may decide the type of video aesthetic, titles and music most appropriate for their ceremony. We capture all the most important moments of the wedding, from beginning to end, filming the most important moments of the ceremony, the wedding reception, cutting of the cake, the tossing of the bouquet and the toast of the newlyweds. We use video equipment of the finest quality, such as professional Canon cameras, steady camera supports, artificial lighting, radio microphones and directional microphones – always with discretion and with the utmost respect for the ceremony. For the film editing and titling, we use non linear digital equipment installed on a personal computer with Adobe solutions software. We typically deliver our finished product in DVD format with a personalized covering and case.


Why should I have my wedding videotaped?
Only a professionally made videotape can capture all the moments of your wedding day, one of the most important event in your life. You can capture all of your family and friends, character, emotions, sounds, and relive the magic atmosphere of that day in the years to come, even sharing with people who was not there. Many couples say that having a videotape made has been on best thing they did on their wedding day.

Why should I pay for a professional video when my friends and relatives can tape it with their camcorders?
Despite of the general diffusion of camcorders, most friends and relatives don't have the experience as well as the equipment of a professional videographer. If you don't want as a result shaky camera movement, bad lighting, inaudible voices, camera batteries dying half way through the ceremony, look for professional results. We have been taping weddings since 1992 and really know how to capture such an important event. We have professional 3-CCD digital cameras, DV mastering, titling, special effects generators, computer-based digital non-linear editing equipment, professional microphones, tripods, and plenty of backup equipment to create a true television production. If you want to get a a great wedding video, with clear audio and a logical presentation of well composed and focused imaging, choose a professional videographer!

Won’t the cameramen be obtrusive and disruptive?
We makes every effort to record your wedding tastefully, so that guests do not realize a videographer is present. We use no lights at the ceremony, remain stationary and silent throughout so that everyone can say "I never even saw you all day!".

How should I choose a videographer?
It's a fact that price plays a key role in the selection of professionals. Once you determine your spending limit, then you can begin to evaluate your professionals for quality, experience and compatibility. anyway don't forget to consider that professional 3-CCD cameras are a must if you want to get true broadcast quality, and also professional microphones and lighting equipment play a fundamental role in the final result. Get informed about the equipment your prospective videographer is going to use at your wedding, also ask to see a sample of his actual works.

When do you begin filming?
Our wedding day typically begins with a visit to the bride's home or other location where preparations are being made, since some of the most emotional and special moments can be captured as the bride is getting ready. We don't want to miss any important event, that's why we arrange with our clients to book us for the whole day, about 10 hours. Others request can be discussed with you beforehand, to tailor a package that can fully satisfy your expectations.

What area do you cover? Do you charge for distance?
We can (and we like) travel anywhere, both in Italy and abroad. Our prices are the same for all Italy but, if your wedding is abroad, we have to charge for airplanes, residence etc.

Is your price negotiable?
We base our price upon more than 15-years experience videotaping events, as well as the high-quality of the professional equipment that we use, and therefore it is not negotiable. Please look at the actual work, don't just compare the price.

How long will the finished video be?
The final edited video will be about 30 min and will include a video clip, the preparation of the groom and the bride, pre-ceremony coverage, ceremony, reception, the party and any other special moment of your wedding day. We really may capture more than 3 hours of unedited images, so it can take us up to 2 months to put the edited version together.

What is in-camera editing?
We do not do that. In-camera editing simply involves shooting the scenes of your film in the exact sequence they are going to appear in the finished video with no room for error and no editing operations at the end. Instead, we capture hours of video to ensure that we get all the special moments of the day and then use our post-production editing suite to complete the tape, adding music, titles and special effects.

When will I get my finished wedding-DVD?
Normal production time is 6-8 weeks. We can't start the editing of your wedding video immediately after the event itself and we pay a lot of attention during the editing to gain the best possible quality as a result.

How long do you keep the master tape for further copies?
We keep your master DVD indefinitely.

Can I make copies of my wedding video?
You are free to many as many copies and give it to all your friends, you have the right to duplicate the DVD's.

Can you send me a sample tape/DVD?
Feel free to contact us to receive a demo DVD, so that you can directly appreciate a complete video productions, exactly the same like our clients receive. This way you know exactly what kind of quality you can expect and what style of filming we have.

How much will it cost?
We need to know the details of each event to be able to evaluate the cost and give you a free exact quote of the work. Ask us! Once we have come to an agreement, a deposit - to be paid at least one months before the wedding - will secure the date.

How far in advance should I book?
Bookings are being taken up to 2 years in advance, just to avoid disappointment near the date of your wedding. We will contact you nearer the time to confirm your booking.

Is an edited video worthwhile? Why not just get raw tapes of the entire day?
A well edited video is the one that you will want to show friends and relatives and is what makes the difference between amateur and professional video. It will flow smoothly from start to finish, combining the best camera views and audio tracks at any given time, engaging the viewer's attention and emotions. You will like to see it over again, with no boredom or resentment at the time involved.

Will you record my wedding in high definition video?
Yes, we use the latest Canon HDV cameras to record video in a high definition format (1080i) so that you can see significantly more detail from this type of video than is possible from traditional "standard definition" cameras, and the clean and detailed image from HDV cameras is a noticeable improvement over older MiniDV cameras, even in playback from a normal DVD. Note that weddings shot with HDV cameras are normally distributed as traditional video on standard DVDs at this time, since Blu-Ray / HD-DVDs are not yet widely available.

Will my photographer and a videographer work together?
In our own experience, we have even become close friends with our colleagues and generally no problems arise. We are working for you on your wedding day and we are expected to know exactly the level of cooperation we must grant.

Should I sign a contract?
A comprehensive and clear contract is needed to protect both you and the videographer, do not hire any professional with merely a verbal agreement. Ask to see a copy of the contract and make sure everything you want in your wedding video is spelled out.

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